Custom Domain

Custom domain feature allows you to use your existing domain's subdomain as your changelog url, for example

Pointing your subdomain to Headway

To set a custom domain for your account you first need to add aCNAMErecord to your domain's DNS configuration and point it to Headway domain. For detailed instructions you may have to contact your domain's DNS provider. Here is an example how it can be done inDigitalOcean:

Nameis thesubdomainyou want to use, andvalueshould contain Headway's domain.

Setting custom domain in Headway

Now it's time to set your domain in Headway. Go to your account's settings public page tab and find the custom domain setting. Assuming that your domain is and you want to use changelog as a subdomain, the setting should look like this:

What happens next

After finishing two above steps our application will start the process of installing your domain. Once it finishes you will receive an email. Note that you might have to wait for your DNS changes to propagate throughout the Internet up to 48 hours.


We are happy to announce that all of our custom domains have SSL certificates installed automatically. All traffic from http protocol is redirected to the secure https.


Some of our users were using services like Cloudflare in order to have ssl on their domains. This is no longer needed since we started generating ssl certificates automatically for all custom domains. Although if someone wishes to use such service for any other reason, Headway now fully supports these configurations.

After your custom domain starts working, all widget links will start pointing to your new address.


RSS feeds are supported on custom domains and are accessible via /rsspath, for example

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